Lasswade fail to make their mark

On previous form, this should have been four points – if not five – for Lasswade.

They won the away leg in September, were sitting two positions above their guests in the league and were now on their home territory.

Unfortunately, Kirkcaldy followed a different script. Fielding a massive front row, they had complete control of .their own scrums and disrupted most of Lasswade’s and several of their lineouts, and showed that from short range, weight alone will often be enough.

Brown drew first blood for the hosts, as pressure led to a late tackle and a straightforward shot at goal.

It was almost a quarter of an hour before Kirkcaldy got into the home half, but when they did, it built to a five-metre lineout – and their drive proved irresistible as Nielson touched down in the corner.

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