Lasswade hopes are dashed

Lasswade 12 Boroughmuir 47
Lasswade 12 Boroughmuir 47

Lasswade 12, Boroughmuir 47

The Midlothian club’s oral historians recall 1960 as the last occasion these two sides met in Lasswade.

Boroughmuir won 6-3 on that occasion and most Bonnyrigg players and supporters would have settled for a similar margin – in their favour – this time around.

Boroughmuir have been struggling in Premier 1 this year and this allowed a glimmer of hope for the home crowd.

Boroughmuir had other ideas. Having already lost to Currie they knew they needed a big winning margin to have any chance of grabbing one of the berths for second placed teams. They proved too strong for their Premier 3 opponents especially up front where they had full control of their own set pieces and some of the other side’s as well.

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