Lasswade remain in doldrums

Morgan 23

Lasswade 10

Lasswade took 52 unanswered points from the home leg of this fixture in September and the Dundee side had won just three of their 13 encounters so far. The visitors had some basis for hope of relief from the doldrums of the past two months.

It was not to be so. On a soggy, slippery pitch with a strong wind blowing straight down it throughout, the home side played the conditions better.

Morgan were helped by a soft try with just two minutes gone. At a Lasswade lineout on their own five metre line, the ball was tapped down out of reach of Foster at scrum-half but easy meat for the Morgan hooker to dive on in the corner.

Hard graft was needed for the couple of incursions into the Morgan 22, but the wind kept play mostly in the visitors’ half and with 25 minutes gone an offside extended the Morgan lead to eight points. A deliberate knock on at a ruck in front of the posts added a further three and earned Brown a yellow card as well.

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