Boost for Lasswade in cup contest

Lasswade v Perthshire
Lasswade v Perthshire

Lasswade’s 2014-15 season opened with this first round tie of the BT Cup and there are promising signs for the year ahead.

Last season’s statistics would have signalled a close encounter at the very least, but nobody at Lasswade seemed to have read this script.

The Lasswade forwards were masters of the game, turning over ball at set scrums, rucks and mauls with only the breeze making the lineouts less secure, the back line played for each other and frequently found ways through or round their opposite numbers.

Kicking off into the standard steady blow from Rosewell, the first half hour was totally dominated by the hosts with East Kilbride seldom getting out of their half let alone into the home 22.

Having quickly regained possession from the kick, quick passing and patient recycling ensured it wasn’t handed back easily.

First blood came after five minutes of continuous pressure in the visitors 22 when Donald Hearn touched down a pushover try.

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