Dalkeith still in top spot

Gala YM 6, Dalkeith 55

Dalkeith headed for the Borders to face Gala YM on an incredibly dreich league Saturday, with the rain likely to make it a difficult day.

However, the team reached Gala to be informed that the home side could not raise a front row, so Dalkeith had the choice of playing the game with uncontested scrums or postpone the fixture to a later date, the visitors chose to play.

This seemed to have been the right choice, when after a couple of phases the backs threw the ball wide and Thomson shook off some weak home tackles before off-loading to Duke for the opening try in the corner, 0-5 Dalkeith. Straight from the kick off though, Dalkeith gave up a cheap penalty and YM kicked the goal for 3-5.

Gala drove the line, but Dalkeith held and seemed to have cleared, but the referee saw a penalty offence and YM took the kick to make things 6-5.

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