Historic treble for singles champion

Midlothian Pool League held their Finals Day and presentation at Bonnyrigg Sports Bar.

The singles league champions for 2012 were Fishers Tryst A with Bonnyrigg Sports Bar coming in second and Rosewell third.

Bonnyrigg Sports Bar picked up the doubles league title with Crescent SC and Mayfield CSC coming in second and third.

The Player of The Year went to Darren Raine of the Fishers Tryst with 24/26 wins in the season.

During the year, Midlothian Pool League held a range of tournaments which were completed on finals day.

The A Knockout Cup was won by Fishers Tryst A beating Sports Bar 6-4.

The B Knockout cup was won by the Cuiken beating BEX 6-2. Danny Turner (Bonnyrigg Sports Bar) and Jenny Lawson (Fishers Tryst B) retained their mixed pairs title against Paul Bryson (Bonnyrigg Sports Bar) and Kim Black (Fishers Tryst B).

The Winter A Singles was won by Scott Roarty (Rosewell) 3-1 Raymond Todman (Crescent).

The ‘B’ Division singles went down to the deciding frame with Kim Black (Fishers Tryst B) coming out 3-2 victor over Ross MacDonald (Bellmans).

The over 45s was won by Phil Wilson (Rosewell) who won 3-0 versus defending champion Mick Panzica (Waverley).

The five-man team was won 5-4 by Fishers Tryst A (D Lunn, D Raine, S Meikle, C Coyle, D Muirhead) beating Crescent (R Craig, M Lawrence, M Rogan, S Kinnear and F Easton. The first year of the A four-man team saw Fishers Tryst A winning 4-2 (D Lunn, D Raine, S Meikle, C Coyle) versus Rosewell (P Wilson, G Turnbull, I Keith, S Roarty) and the B four- man team was won 4-2 by Cuiken B versus Cuiken A.

Three-man team was won by Fishers Tryst A 3-1 (D Lunn, D Raine, S Meikle) versus Rosewell (M Gilluley, B Foster, S Roarty).

The pairs was won 3-1 by Andy Stalker and Ross Fernie (Rosewell) beating Kenny Yates and John Roddie (Cuiken).

The ladies singles was won 3-0 and retained for the third year running with Pauline Selkirk (Fishers Tryst B) facing and beating Kim Black (Fishers Tryst B) in last year’s final too.

The main event of Midlothian singles was double defending champion Ross Fernie (Rosewell) and player of the year Darren Raine (Fishers Tryst A).

In a flawless display Ross Fernie came out 4-0 victor and became the first person to win the singles three years in a row.