Lasswade foil Haddington’s game plan

Lasswade dig in to beat Haddington
Lasswade dig in to beat Haddington

Haddington travelled to Lasswade on Saturday afternoon with high hopes of improving their placing in the championship league.

With Aberdeenshire the likely losers against Howe a simple win at Lasswade would move the East Lothian to fourth. With Lasswade winless since the first leg of this match-up back in September and smarting from successive heavy defeats, Lasswade must have looked easy meat on paper.

With a distinct chill in the air and a light Rosewell breeze at their backs Lasswade kicked off and immediately had their guests under pressure. Haddington couldn’t get out of their 22 and with seven minutes gone they lost their lineout 10 metres from their line and Wilson coming in from the right wing to take the reverse pass had the perfect line for the posts and a straightforward conversion for Talbot. Haddington responded from the restart and soon had three points back when Bell slotted a penalty.

Although struggling in the set pieces, the visitors had the edge outside for the next 10 minutes but handling errors and some effective defence kept them out.

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