Lasswade see off their bogey men in the Borders

Hawick YM v Lasswade
Hawick YM v Lasswade

Hawick YM at home is something of a bogey fixture for Lasswade having lost it badly the past two seasons in Championship B and before.

This time Lasswade arrived among the league leaders while YM are treading water in the relegation zone. The visitors took nothing for granted though and turned in a disciplined and co-ordinated full 80 minutes to drive in five tries to none and come away clear winners.

On a gloomy damp but still afternoon Lasswade kicked off and within five minutes had forced a penalty for Clarke to slot.

The rest of the opening exchanges were slugged out between the 22s with Douglas showing his long range accuracy off the tee to level the score after 10 minutes.

After the quarter hour the Lasswade forwards were beginning to dominate and provide plenty of good possession for the backs but it was the old faithful catch and drive from 15 metres out that opened the try count with Donald Hearn in possession at the touch down.

Douglas clawed three back a few minutes later somewhat against the run of play and as the half hour approached, the visitors’ backs and forwards were singing from the same songsheet.

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