Loanhead mother and daughter give historic call their best shot


A mother and daughter from Loanhead made history recently when they represented their country at a clay pigeon shooting contest.

Melanie (41) and Isla (15) Thomson became the first mother and daughter to represent Scotland when they took part in the contest held in Jersey. Melanie was part of the ladies trio which took gold, while Isla’s junior team came fourth.

Melanie was pleasantly surprised when she heard that they had made history.

She said: “There is usually fathers and sons or daughters but this year we were told that we were the first mother and daughter ever.

“So it was a very proud moment for us. It’s really good to have her on board and we helped each other.

“Isla made the team for the first time. I was over the moon. I have done it for five years. Usually she comes along and supports me.

“We (the ladies team) won gold and the juniors came fourth. They were all new caps so it was a fantastic experience for them.

“Isla doesn’t realise how good a shot she is.

“We are looking to get a coach to get her into the Olympic disciplines. She is that age where if you don’t coach her now it’s a waste of time. She has got a real talent there.”

With the sport costing them each £6-7,000 a year per discipline, Melanie appealed for sponsors to help enable them to compete.

She said: “Isla has a sponsor for her cartridges. Jack Stewart from Newton Farm buys them. If it wasn’t for him, she couldn’t do the sport. He has been amazing, sponsoring her for the past three years.

“But we always need more support. All the costs add up. So any sponsorship would be amazing to help us.

“With us being a mother and daughter I just think it’s a unique opportunity for sponsors.”