Medal haul for Midlothian taekwondo group

Midlothian Taekwondo Group
Midlothian Taekwondo Group

A Midlothian taekwondo group picked up an incredible ten medals at the World Championships, held recently at London’s Olympic Park.

Six of the eight Elite Taekwondo Dalkeith members who represented Scotland at the event won medals. Andy Smith (32) picked up gold and bronze, Keiran Griffiths (39) won gold and silver, Connor Ramsay (16) won bronze, Daryl Shepherd (17) won two bronze, Kailee Simon (14) won silver and bronze, and Chloe Young (16) won bronze.

Dalkeith coach Catherine Divine said: “I’m absolutely delighted. This is definitely the best moment in the club’s history. They have done an absolutely fantastic job. All that hard work paid off. The time they are putting in, all the hard work training made them tired. But when they went to London they appreciated it as it all paid off.

“Just to represent your country, it’s a great step forward in your taekwondo life.

“And they absolutely had a ball. They made friends from all around the world. Some have come back with Australia and Argentina tracksuits.

“They are all still buzzing about their experience.”

The Dalkeith fighters will now compete in the European Championships in Budapest next year. The club’s adult and child classes meet every Thursday, 7-8pm at Dalkeith Campus. Call 07590 283 735.