Motor racing- Final Racewall meet of the season

Photo is of formula II superstar driver Craig Wallace (163) from Tranent who was the winner of the Crimond track points but struggled in the wet and greasy conditions on Saturday night.
Photo is of formula II superstar driver Craig Wallace (163) from Tranent who was the winner of the Crimond track points but struggled in the wet and greasy conditions on Saturday night.

It was a dismal night at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on November 2, but despite the conditions the drivers were in good form during the last meeting of the season.

In the formula IIs Ritchie Mead was again a welcome visitor whilst the local driver was Craig Wallace (Tranent). Paul Reid just fended off Gordon Moodie and Stevie Forster to win the opening race with Wallace in seventh place. Reid again came out on top in heat two but this time it was Forster who tried to get ahead but just failed to do so whilst Robbie Dawson ended up in third spot with Wallace in eighth place. Reid was in the lead by the end of the opening lap and pulled away from the field but during the latter stages of the race Forster was again challenging for the lead but just couldn’t find the line and had to settle for second with Moodie in third and Wallace again in eighth place. Forster then won the Grand National from Dawson and Kenny Mitchell with Wallace fifth and Reid in sixth place.

There was a good turn out of lightning rods for their ORCi championship with the local driver in action being Dougie Kidd (Mayfield). Adam Eyles won the opening heat from Jordan Murray and Ben Furness with Kidd in eighth. In heat two Gary Nicholls capitalised when the leading cars tangled to win from Gary Beggs and Paul Winfield .

Beggs was the start from pole with Nicholls alongside and when the race started Beggs went straight into the lead with Nicholls and Frankie Cunningham in close order. However on lap seven Robert Gamble spun and was collected by Ian Atkinson and Nicholls stopping the race. On the restart Beggs pulled away but towards the end Cunningham closed right up but just ran out of laps to get in a telling challenge and had to settle for the runners up spot with Wilson in third place.

There was a good turn out of prostox drivers with local drivers in action being Tam Melrose (Mayfield), Scott Ramsay (Ormiston) and Richard Cairns (Dalkeith). Ally McDonald won the opening heat from Jazz Moore, Ramsay, Melrose and Cairns. In heat two McDonald chalked up his second win of the night and he led home John Taylor, Melrose and Ramsay.

The final was suspended after Fyffe was in a hefty shut but on the restart Melrose went through to win the Cock of the North title as well as the Christopher Burke memorial trophy from Ramsay and Moore with Cairns in seventh place.

The ministox drivers were as usual in good form with the local drivers being Arran Riddell (Penicuik). Heat one saw Steven Burgoyne go through to win from Bailey Venters and Euan Millar with Riddell in fifth place. Venters then won heat two and he was ahead of Millar and Colin Thomson at the chequer with Riddell in sixth. Venters won the ministox Cock of the North trophy leading all the way from Burgoyne and Craig Murray with Riddell in tenth place. There weren’t too many Junior Bangers about with the local driver being James Dillon (Mayfield). Marcus McLean dominated the proceedings winning heat one from Dillon and Lewis McLean. With Arron Hastie and Regan Watson tangling it was M. McLean who went through to win from Dillon and L. McLean. Despite having to start with a handicap M. McLean charged through to make it three wins on the trot and led home Dillon and L. McLean.

That’s the season over but there will be a holiday meeting on the 5th January when van bangers, minis and prostox will be in action with the usual 1pm start.