Sporting boost for athletics and community in Dalkeith

Former Lasswade Athletics Club member Guy Learmonth
Former Lasswade Athletics Club member Guy Learmonth

A proposed housing 
application has been lodged with Midlothian Council which could boost sports 
facilities in the Dalkeith area.

The planning application, lodged by Buccleuch Property, is for a residential-led mixed-use development as an extension to Salter’s Park, an area of wasteland next to Dalkeith schools campus.

Although plans to redevelop the area in question have proved controversial in the past, if it were to get the go ahead there is potential for the creation of a community facility.

The developer has noted the desire from the local community for some form of community facility and 
discussions have already taken place with Lasswade Athletics Club regarding 
the provision of community and changing facilities for the club.

The intention is that this will not just be used by the club, but can also be used by the local community.

Lasswade Athletics club in recent years has brought on athletes such as Guy 
Learmoth and Greg Loudon, who both competed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Stuart Tait, chairman of Lasswade Athletics Club, said: ‘‘We are one of the 
fastest growing athletics clubs in Scotland but currently have very limited facilities that 
allow our members to change and meet in.

“Working closely with Buccleuch Property, Midlothian Council and Sport
Scotland we have explored the potential to deliver a 
facility neighbouring the track, not only for our use, but also for the local community.”

The development, which can be brought forward without undue delay, will consist of up to 400 much-needed houses, 25 per cent of which will be affordable housing, as well as commercial uses. Section 75 contributions will also serve to enhance local schools.

The Salter’s Park site has been allocated for employment use in the Midlothian Local Development Plan since 1974 without attracting any market activity.

Residential development will serve to bring the 29.5 hectare site into productive use and ensure that it also provides employment opportunities.

Steph Rennie, Associate at Buccleuch 
Property, said: “We have also been working closely with Lasswade Athletics Club to deliver a facility that will 
be used not only by the club, but also by the local