Newbattle’s famous five welcome Games baton

The baton arrives at Newbattle Community High School
The baton arrives at Newbattle Community High School

With music playing and dancers dancing in the sun, Newbattle Community High School welcomed the Queen’s Baton with open arms last week.

Head of PE Bob Foley along with pupils Abby Mellon, Darren McCraw, Sarah Findlay and Charlie Johnston all had their moment in the limelight carrying the baton in Midlothian.

Bob Foley said: “It was an amazing day for our pupils and staff, the community and parents. We had hundreds here. It was hugely successful. Let’s face it, the sun was shining, it was just great.

“The fact that we had five people from the school running through Midlothian with the baton was great.

“It was one of the best days I have had in 200 years of teaching! Just amazing to see the kids enjoying themselves and having all the pupils’ artwork on display outside, what a day for the school. It showed off what we can do.

“The Jazz band were playing in the playground, dancers and cheerleaders were dancing in the field, people were playing rugby, badminton and other sports in the field, while parents were having fun too.

“It was just one of those events in you life where everything was perfect, everybody had an amazing time.”

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