Hundreds set to arrive for the annual Lasswade road race

The annual Lasswade Athletics Club Ten Mile Road Race will return to the area on March 1.

Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 11:46 am
Runners will get on their mark again for the popular race. Pic by Keith Kong.

Up to 400 runners from around the country will line up to test their endurance on one of the county’s toughest raod courses.

The race comprises a ten mile loop set along the scenic local roads around Rosewell,

Auchendinny and Roslin. Starting at the top of Carnethie Street in Rosewell, the route follows a gentle incline to Gourlaw Farm before dropping down to the bottom of Roslin Glen at two miles, followed by a steep rise for 400 metres, after which it is nice and easy before dropping to the four mile mark in the village of Auchendinny.

There is a climb between the fifth and six miles thereafter, apart from a small hump at around seven miles, the route is generally downhill into Rosewell.

Entries are still open, for anyone interested in taking part in the race, with a limited number of spaces still available. Medals will be handed out to everyone completing the course, with trophies and prizes handed out in a number of categories. For further information go to the

Lasswade Athletics Club website:

The Race is due to start at 12.00pm on Sunday afternoon, running until 14.30pm at the latest.

During this time a number of Road Closures will be in effect.

These are as follows:

Thorton Road, Whitehill Road, Carnethie Street, Rosewell.

A6094, from junction Carnethie Street to Gourlaw Crossroads.

U48 Rosslynlee Road, from A6094 Gourlaw Crossroads to B7003 Roslin Glen.

B7003 Roslin Glen Road, from its junction with A6094 to B7003 Penicuik Road, Roslin


B7003 Penicuik Road, from junction B7003 Roslin Glen to U75 Oatslie Road.

U75 Oatslie Road, from B7003 Penicuik Road to B7026 The Brae, Auchendinny.

B7026 The Brae, Auchendinny, from U75 Oatslie Road to U97 Auchendinny Maimicons Road.

U97 Auchendinny Mains Road from B7026 The Brae, Auchendinny to Old Woodhouselee


Old Woodhouselee Road from U97 Auchendinny Mains Road to U48 Rosslynlee Road.