Lasswade 7-67 Biggar

Lasswade in action against Biggar last season (picture: Susan Shanks)
Lasswade in action against Biggar last season (picture: Susan Shanks)

When a team with seven wins from seven meets one with seven losses from seven the outcome is predictable even away from home.

Lasswade were well and truly Biggared in a ten try to one trouncing at home and are left scratching their heads about how to stop this worst ever start to a season since the dark days of the seventies.

In this season’s terms, things were not going too badly in the first half, holding a well drilled and well-built Biggar 15 to three converted tries and a penalty before the break.

However, even against the wind, the visitors extended their lead to 0-38 in the first five minutes of the second period.

The hosts finally got on the board a few minutes later when Graham finished off a short range catch and drive converted by Smith from wide out.

Biggar immediately wiped out that gain with a converted try from the restart kick and went on to score four more in the last quarter of the game.

It is difficult to see where the Midlothian side are going to break their run of losses but this Saturday has to be an opportunity – albeit away from home – when they travel to Glasgow Accies.

Accies have just one win and a draw to keep them second from bottom and just four points ahead of Lasswade’s five. Kick off 3pm.