Midlothian strike gold at East District swim finals

Midlothian swimmers Fraser Wilson and Eilidh Redpath
Midlothian swimmers Fraser Wilson and Eilidh Redpath

Midlothian Swimming Club head coach Colin Barton was delighted by the many good performances at the East District age groups finals held at the Royal Commonwealth pool over three days last weekend.

Two youngsters performances really stood out in the pool with, Eilidh Redpath and Fraser Wilson achieving the top girl and boy awards in their age category.

Coach Barton said they both deservedly won the top swimmer award in their age groups after performing consistently well over three gruelling weekends in the series of competitions adding everyone, without exception swam well, with many competing at this level for the first time.

The relay teams also provided great excitement with a fourth place for Jamie Ferguson, Lewis Thomson, Fraser Burgess and Roan Murray in the boys 13-14 4 x 50 metre medley relay.

With the girls finishing in fifth place in the girls event, team comprising of Olivia Muirhead, Jemma Gerstenberger, Ellie Robertson and Ria Colbridge.

The boys 11-12 4 x 50 
metre freestyle relay team made fifth place and 
comprised of Finlay Davies, Jonah Turnbull, Calum Murray and Freddie Parker while the girls team of Chloe Barron, Caledonia Crosland, Abigail Porteous and Aimee Bell made eighth place in their event.

There was also a fifth place finish for the boys 15-16 4x50 metre freestyle relay comprising of Fraser Wilson, Adam Wood, Nick Rietvelt and Euan Edmiston while the girls team comprising of Eilidh Redpath, Izzy Drysdale, Ellie Brown and Jodie Finlay won bronze for third spot.

While there was a fourth place finish in the girls 11-12 4 x 50 metre medley relay with the team comprising of Caledonia Crosland, Abigail Porteous, Chloe Barron and Aimee Bell with another fourth place for the girls 15-16 4 x 50 metre medley relay team comprising of Sam 
Paterson, Eilidh Redpath, Evie Cuthbert and Jodie Finlay.

The girls 13-14 4 x 50 
metre freestyle relay team comprising Ellie Robertson, Jemma Gerstenberger, Olivia Muirhead and Ria Colbridge took a fifth while the boys 13-14 4 x 50 metre freestyle relay team achieved a sixth place finish with Jamie Ferguson, Fraser Burgess, Lewis Thomson, Jamie Golder all playing their parts.