Repair delay was just the pits for racer Colin

The first Michelin Le Mans Cup round proved to be a challenge for the Nielsen Racing team, which includes Scots racing driver, Colin Noble from Midlothian.

Tuesday, 21st July 2020, 11:15 am
After racing as a ‘BRDC Rising Star’ for just over a year, 22-year-old Colin Noble has been selected to become a full member of the British Racing Drivers' Club. Colin, who hails from Penicuik in Midlothian, said: “It’s an honour to become a full member of the BRDC after being part of its Rising Stars programme since January last year. “The BRDC is such a prestigious organisation which over the years has done so much for British talent in the sport. To be recognised and selected to be part of that group is a real milestone in my career. “I look forward to representing the BRDC going forward at European Le Mans Series and Michelin Le Mans Cup races this season.”

The team made significant strides over the week in developing the new Duqueine M30-D08 at Paul Ricard, ultimately unlocking race pace following a disappointing qualifying.

Colin, and race partner Tony Wells, qualified in seventh place before finishing further down the order in 14th followinga lengthy pit stop.

Colin admitted the race hadn’t gone to plan, but could see positives with his car ahead of the rest of the campaign.

He said: “Tony did a great job at the start, going up to third and was holding his own but unfortunately a rival knocked the rear cheese [legality panel] off the car which means you have to pit to fix it and that’s where we lost a couple of laps.

“After that there’s no coming back in a two-hour race.

“Seeing what happened in front of us, we should have been up there I think.

“The car was actually an improvement from what it has been this week and I was relatively happy with the car during the race as the pace wasn’t too bad.”

Team manager Stewart Moseley said the event had been “a disappointment”.

He added: “Tony made a good start and the result at the end, with them having to do an extra pitstop for repairs after having our right-rear legality panel removed by another car, is really disappointing because I think that, without it they (Noble and Wells) would have been on the podium.”

Fellow Nielsen Racing teams Rob Hodes and Mark Crader finished in ninth place with Mark Crader and Alex Mortimer one position better off.