The search is on to find new recruits for the action sport of roller derby

Lothian Derby Dolls with cheerleaders Fierce Dance Pro
Lothian Derby Dolls with cheerleaders Fierce Dance Pro

The rough and tumble sport of roller derby was played out in Dalkeith last weekend with two Midlothian teams defeating their Glasgow rivals

The sport has two local clubs – Lothian Derby Dolls (LDD), which have been competing out of Dalkeith Schools Community Campus since 2011 and an all-gender team Fear and Lothian.

Last Saturday saw both clubs defeat their Glasgow’s opponents Mean City Roller Derby.

LDD spokesperson Claire Hoyda said: ‘‘The East/West rivalry was there from first whistle with both teams fighting for every single point and for the dominant position on the track.’’

The all-women team won 134-126 while the mixed team won convincingly by 296 points to 126.

The sport was highly popular back in the United States between the 1940s and the late 70s and although its popularity later declined the sport was revived in 2006 which has led to over 2000 leagues being introduced worldwide.

The Midlothian-based teams, however, only play exhibition matches with the local club even having a cheerleading group, the Fierce Dance Pro, pictured right.

Funding for the sport is essential and this has been found thanks to Foundation Scotland from the Baillie 
Gifford Root Sports Fund.

This cash boost has funded the team to stage matchesm, buy kit as well as train debutants Heckle and Hyde, Bloody Mairi, Hella-Mental, and Atomic Panda.

Lothian Derby Dolls and Fear and Lothian are set to stage a new skater intake this Sunday, October 8, between 1pm and 3pm at Musselburgh Sports Centre.

The club is also looking for referees and non-skating officials to join the league as well.

The sport is open to both male and females over 18 and there are roles for all body types on the team making it inclusive for everyone.

If anyone is interested, just let them know your skate size and they will lend you some for the trial day.

Please contact or visit the website website for more details.