Trampolining success

CETC trampolining success
CETC trampolining success

Members of the Lasswade-based City of Edinburgh Trampolining Club (CETC) have been selected to compete for National Development Pathway Regional Team Finals representing Scotland at the event in Birmingham from June 16 to 18.

Two Scottish qualifying events were held earlier this year, at The Lasswade Centre and Bells Sports Centre, Perth, with those achieving the qualifying scores then participating in the semi-final qualifier in Perth on March 18.

Six CETC gymnasts have been selected for the Scotland Region Trampoline Team. They are: Lauren Millar (NDP 6, 17+ F), Olivia Purves (NDP 6, 9-12 yrs), Ava Harvey(NDP 7, 11-14yrs), Ciara Donlevy(NDP 7, 17+F), Katie Brown (NDP 7, 15-16 yrs),Madeline Smith (NDP 7 11-14 yrs).

The following six CETC gymnasts have been selected for the Scotland Region DMT (double-mini trampoline) team. They are: Leah Borthwick (DMT NDP 2, 11-12 yrs), Megan Baskill (DMT NDP 3, 11-12 yrs), Lauren Murie (DMT NDP 5,15+F), Katie Brown (DMT NDP 6, 15-16 yrs), Leona Scott (DMT NDP 6, 17+F), Lauren Millar (DMT NDP 7, 17+F).

CETC also has two reserves for the trampoline team (Taylor Robertson and Mathilda Ellis) and three for the DMT team (Mathilda Ellis, Rachel Pettigrew and Taylor Redpath).

Two of the club’s senior gymnasts have been re-selected for the 2017 Senior GB DMT Squad. They are Ciara Donlevy and Caitlin O’Brien.

Both are currently training at club sessions and squad weekends at the National Sports Centre in Lilleshall in preparation for the start of the British Spring Series events, the first of which is on April 28-30 in Nottingham.