Youngsters prove their mettle in pool

Swim pic
Swim pic

Youngsters from the junior squads of Midlothian
Swimming Club have been praised as ‘superstars’.

After the club took part in the Carnegie Spring Mini Meet in Glenrothes on April 30, club development coach Lesley Inglis said she was delighted by the number of personal best times from development squad swimmers, many of whom were new to the competitive environment.

Performance highlights included Charlotte Thomson who was named as ‘top girl’ in the nine years-old age group and the gold medal winning nine years-old 4x 50m mixed relay team.

Performance highlights included the boys 7-8y age category swims which saw Luke Whitehorn finish second with his 50m butterfly, third places in the 50m backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke events and fourth in the 100m individual medley.

Flynn Dunlop was fifth in his 25m butterfly and breaststroke and also finished ninth and 16th in the 25m freestyle and backstroke while Jonathan McLean finished in seventh with both his 25m breaststroke and freestyle swims and ninth and 12th in his butterfly and backstroke swims.

There was a gold medal for Layla Sensat, in the 25m butterfly and sixth in her 50m backstroke and breaststroke swims and a seventh place for her 50m freestyle, with teammate Isla McBeth finishing second in her 25m backstroke, fourth in freestyle and eighth and 10th in butterfly and breaststroke in the girls 7-8 years category.

In the boys nine year-old category, there was a silver medal for Max Turnbull in the 50m butterfly plus a fourth and fifth place for the backstroke and 100m individual medley swims.

There was a clean sweep of gold medals for Charlotte Thomson in all her events, winning the 50m backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and the 100m freestyle and 100m individual medley, to be proclaimed the top girl in the nine year-old girls category.

This age group also saw Rowan Bell finish fourth in the 50m backstroke and 100m freestyle and sixth in her 50m breaststroke and 100m individual medley and seventh with her 50m butterfly.

Ellie MacArthur finished in seventh in the 50m breaststroke, eighth in the 50m backstroke and 100m individual medley and tenth and 14th in the 100m freestyle and 50me butterfly.

The girls 10 year old category saw Katy Barron finish fourth in her 100m breaststroke and 50m freestyle plus sixth and seventh in her 100m backstroke and freestyle swims.

Jonah Turnbull finished third in both his 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly swims and also fifth with his 50m freestyle and seventh place in 100m backstroke swim and 11th in the 100m freestyle event in the boys 10 year old category.

There was also a seventh place in both 50m breaststroke and butterfly events for William Mackinnon and 9th, 10th and 11th places respectively for his 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle and backstroke swims.

Jack Sewell was seventh in the 100m breaststroke and eighth place in both the 50m freestyle and butterfly swims also finishing in ninth place with both his 100m backstroke and freestyle.

Lucius Armitage, finished in ninth place with both his 50m breaststroke and butterfly swims also finishing in 10th, 11th and 12th places for his 100m backstroke, 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle swims.

Sam Whitehorn swam well in the boys 11 year-old category finishing in fifth spot with his 100m breastroke swim and 10th, 11th and 14th places for his 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle and backstroke performances.

While in the same age category Sky Kivlin gained seventh place in her 50m butterfly and 12th and 14th places for her 100m backstroke and freestyle swims for the girls.

The relays are always competitive affairs and there was a gold medal for the club’s nine year-olds 4x50m freestyle relay team made up by Rowan Bell, Ellie MacArthur, Max Turnbull and Charlotte Thomson with a time of 2:45.39.

There was a fifth place for Jack Sewell, Ellie 
Cassidy, Sophie Vyse and Jonah Turnbull in the mixed 10 years-old 4x50m freestyle relay and a 10th for the mixed 7-8 years-old 4x25m freestyle relay team, consisting of Luke Whitehorn, Layla Sensat, Flynn Dunlop and Isla McBeth.