Take to the hills with a new app

Why not take to the hills with the new app? Photo: VisitScotland-Scottish Viewpoint
Why not take to the hills with the new app? Photo: VisitScotland-Scottish Viewpoint

A new App has been launched to ensure the legacy of the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 lives on.

Ramblers Scotland developed the free App to inspire everyone in Scotland to be more active in their daily lives, helping to combat the severe consequences of inactivity.

With physical inactivity resulting in 2,500 premature deaths in Scotland every year, Ramblers Scotland has created a way to get everyone in the country more active.

The Medal Routes App provides people with hundreds of walking routes across Scotland, as well as encouraging users to set goals and track their progress, keeping people motivated to be active.

Ramblers Scotland Medal Routes Project Officer, Rob Burns, said: “It is clear that we need to find innovative ways to get more people active in a way that fits easily into their daily lives. Medal Routes does exactly that.

“It allows people to find walking routes near them that they can walk at their convenience. The routes are circular and have three different levels, allowing people to choose how long they want to walk for, perfect for a lunchtime stroll or post-work walk.

“The App also allows people to set targets - a proven way to keep people motivated. From choosing to walk the length of the West Highland Way to simply burning enough calories to treat themselves to a slice of cake, there’s something that everyone can aim for.

“The Medal Routes App is a starting point on the path to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. We want to see as many people as possible using the App to walk towards a happier nation.”

Not only are there over 400 walking routes on the Medal Routes App, it also allows people to develop their own routes and share these with other users.

App users can get competitive too, people will gain medals each time they walk a route and gain points, which contribute to their score on the Medal Routes leader board. Users can challenge friends and family and track each other’s scores to see who is in the lead. The Medal Routes App was funded by Ordnance Survey during their GeoVation Challenge.

Viv Alexander, GeoVation Community and Events Manager for Ordnance Survey, commented: “The Medal Routes App from Ramblers Scotland was chosen as a winner of the GeoVation Challenge as we were excited by its potential to encourage people to take up walking and make it a regular habit.”