Quick trip down memory lane


The Fast Show Special (Friday, 23 May, BBC2, 10pm)

What’s It All About? One of the best loved comedy sketch shows of the 1990s is now 20 years old. To celebrate it, and BBC2’s 50th year, the cast have reunited to reflect on the series that launched a dozen catchphrases, from “Scorchio!” and “Jumpers for Goalposts”, to “I was very, very drunk,” and “I’ll get my coat”.

And who could forget that rich gallery of comic characters, including Arthur “Where’s Me Washboard?” Atkinson; Rowley Birkin QC; Ted and Ralph; Competitive Dad; the 13th Duke of Wymbourne (“With my reputation?”), and countless other “Brilliant!” creations.

The series, which aired as Brilliant in the US, attracted no end of famous followers in its heyday. Johnny Depp was such a fan he guest starred in a “Suits You” sketch.

Look Out For: Ted and Ralph investigating social media, a veteran crooner with memory problems appearing on Jazz Club (nice), and a Downton Abbey spoof.

Paul Whitehouse says: “Harry (Enfield) never liked ‘Suits You’, because they are very rude. He thought they came across as homosexuals, but they’re not. Tailors can be quite over-familiar with you, not coming on sexually, but wanting to know more about your sex life.”