X-Men return with another dimension

PA Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Film.
PA Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Past and present collide in a muscular sequel, which ushers Bryan Singer back into the director’s chair for the first time since X-Men 2 in 2003.

Familiar faces and new additions to the mutant fold jostle for attention in Simon Kinberg’s script, which indulges in a spot of time travel to strengthen ties between the X-Men and Wolverine franchises.

Days of Future Past delivers on the eye-popping spectacle including a breathtaking slow-motion action sequence in which a mutant (Evan Peters), diverts the trajectory of bullets before they reach the intended targets.

There is plenty of soul-searching for the characters, who must make personal sacrifices for the greater good if the mutant race is to survive a sustained assault by hulking robotic hunters.

X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn’t get too bogged down in bamboozling science, letting protagonists do the talking with their claws and amazing abilities.

Hugh Jackman’s hirsute brawler provides the narrative glue between parallel time frames and he panders to fans with some gratuitous nudity.