Group can’t wait to get Dalkeith dancing

Midstock 2017 Friday night headliners TTF.
Midstock 2017 Friday night headliners TTF.

Midstock Friday night headliners The Time Frequency (TTF) are excited to be playing the music festival, their first show in Lothian for over 17 years.

The dance group that started in 1989 and rose to prominence in the 90s have had five number one singles in Scotland and continue to attract big crowds across the country. However, the band have surprisingly not played in the Lothians for nearly two decades.

TTF’s Jon Campbell spoke to the Advertiser about his group’s return to the area, at Midstock in Dalkeith Country Park on September 1.

He said: “We are very excited, it will be 17 and a half years since we last played the Lothians, at the Hogmanay party in 1999 at Revolution nightclub.

“The reason we haven’t been back is there is no venue for us there really. The Playhouse is all seated which isn’t any good for our fans.

“We have not played in the Lothians in all that time. It’s crazy as we are an Edinburgh band really, we sold more records there than anywhere. But everywhere else in the country we have been selling out all the time.

“Ironically in the 90s when we were smaller we were practically in the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh almost every week.

“The fans will be desperate for this, it’s kind of at fever pitch.

“My family all stay in Edinburgh, it’s just weird how we could not get a gig sorted there.

“Now we can breathe a sigh of relief, I was beginning to think it would never happen.

“I like to play outdoors because you see the lights better, so this will be the perfect return to Lothian for us.”

Jon is excited by his band’s appearance at Midstock and promised fans a special night.

He said: “We have got a unique show, we are a lot different from the rave band we were in the 90s, it’s a full production now, with an impressive lighting system, dancers, backing singers and a robot which does robotics on the stage, we bring it out for the instrumentals in between the singing.

“We like to keep people entertained, our dancers are proper gymnasts so they put on a show themselves.

“It’s a big difference now to how we performed in the 90s, it’s a completely different show, a real spectacle.

“The crowd in Dalkeith can expect something that’s exciting, I just feel that it has been too long and I think we have missed them as much as they have missed us.

“I believe Midstock is an exciting festival, it’s certainly a good thing for Lothian. And it has grown since it started, these guys are on the ball, I’m impressed, their hearts are in the right place they are good music people.

“The line-up is fantastic, I’m the biggest Skids fan in Scotland so I can’t wait to see them play on the Saturday.”

Although still as popular after more than a quarter of a century Jon admitted that the TTF fanbase has changed over the years.

He said: “Our last song went to number one on Amazon, nine on Itunes worldwide, so we are doing better than ever. We had one million views on You Tube of that video.

“We have had five Scottish number ones, and though we have been under the radar for a while our fanbase is still there. Although it has changed a lot since the 90s. It has went from bald men on their friend’s shoulders to all women, I think primarily it’s kind of like Abba, who were cool then not cool.

“So it’s maybe like that, women are more acceptable to the electric disco music that we do. Guys move on to a hardcore style of dance music, we are still keeping it happy uplifting music. And over the past 25 years there has not been a week go by that TTF has ever been off UK radio so I think that shows that we are still important.”

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