VIDEO: Christmas song recorded in Dalkeith

The band behind a Christmas song recorded in a Dalkeith studio hope it will instil festive cheer in all who hear it, of all ages.

Paul Brand from Mister Sledge revealed more about the song, which has received airplay on Radio Scotland.

Dalkeith Charity Single

Dalkeith Charity Single

He said: “It’s basically a song I had written. I have had it for about ten years.

“We recorded the song and now it’s time to get it out there to let people hear it and see what they think about it.

“This is a nice bit of fun for the festive period.

“It was recorded in Dalkeith. Allan has a small studio set-up there.

“It can reach everybody, a Christmas song. Everyone loves Christmas. And we have made alternative versions to cater for all ages. There is a family version and a dysfunctional family version! So there is a bit of humour too. Hopefully people can relate to that.”

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