Labour moves to bring back council-funded CATs

The new Labour minority administration has started the process of reinstating the Midlothian Police Community Action Teams (CAT).

ELECTION 2017 ROUND-UP: Polls predict ‘bluewash’ as Emily Thornberry turns airwaves blue

ELECTION 2017 ROUND-UP: Polls predict ‘bluewash’ as Emily Thornberry turns airwaves blue

The election machines have well and truly kicked into gear, so who’s had a good week, and who’s had a bad week on the campaign trail?

Politics 4
Councillor Pauline Winchester cleaning the bus shelter outside Pentland and Nivensknowe Parks.

Cleaning up with election promise

The first job Pauline Winchester took on as a new councillor was a pre-election promise she had made to clean a bus shelter at Pentland Caravan Park.

Former SNP councillor Derek Rosie (left) and Labour councillor Adam Montgomery.

Councillor reported over election leaflet

A recently re-elected councillor has been reported to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards over his election pamphlet.

Politics 1
Midlothian Council party leaders - Left to right: Pauline Winchester (Con), Derek Milligan (Lab) and Kelly Parry (SNP)

Council coalition stalemate continues

Labour group leader Derek Milligan has been left frustrated in his efforts to work with the SNP and Tories to run Midlothian Council.

Midlothian House, the main office for Midlothian Council, Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith.

Council stalemate continues

Negotiations to establish a Labour minority administration involving all parties are still to reach an agreement.

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Midlothian Council elections count at Lasswade Centre.

Power-sharing agreement still to be decided in Midlothian

Labour are back in charge of Midlothian Council, despite having one fewer councillor elected than it did in 2012 when they lost to the SNP.

Local elections 2017.

Labour wins Midlothian Council election

Labour has won the Midlothian Council election, with seven councillors elected, the SNP took six seats and the Conservatives five, although we now have to wait to see who takes over the administration with no party getting the ten seats needed for a majority.

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Local elections live: Midlothian

Local elections live: Midlothian

Keep up to speed with all the results and comment as we get it at the Midlothian Council election count at Lasswade centre.

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Why the pensions ‘triple lock’ has become a key general election issue

Why the pensions ‘triple lock’ has become a key general election issue

Jonquil Lowe is Senior lecturer in economics and personal finance at The Open University.

Politics 6
How will the votes stack up at Midlothian count?

How will the votes stack up at Midlothian count?

The people of Midlothian will today (Thursday) take to the polls to pick the councillors they want to represent them for the next five years.

Satnam Ner with Grahame Smith. Fraser Band photography.

STUC elects its first Black President

At the 120th Congress in Aviemore, the STUC elected Satnam Ner from Prospect trade union as President. Satnam Ner, a Radiochemistry Manager at Babcock International Group and a long-serving member of the STUC Black Workers’ Committee and the General Council, will be the first Black President of the STUC.

Politics 2
Midlothian House, the main office for Midlothian Council, Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith

Labour anger at SNP no-show for council meeting

All five SNP members of the Midlothian Licensing Board failed to turn up to its meeting on Tuesday, bringing proceedings to a temporary halt.

Politics 1
Midlothian Council candidates for the Midlothian East ward.
Top row left to right - Helen Armstrong (Green), Robert Hogg (Indp), Louise D'Arcy-Greig (SNP). Bottom left to right Peter Smail (Con), Kenneth Baird (SNP) and John Hacket (Lab)

Midlothian Council elections: Midlothian East


Midlothian Council elections candidates for the Midlothian South ward. 
Top left to right: Catherine Johnstone (SNP), Ellen Scott (SNP), Jason Ferry (Indp). Bottom left to right: Jim Muirhead (Lab), Malcolm Spaven (Green), Bryan Pottinger (Lab), Keiran Munro (Con).

Midlothian Council elections: Midlothian South


Midlothian Council election candidates for the Midlothian West ward.
Top row left to right: Stephen Blain (Lab), Ross Laird (Lib Dems), Pauline Winchester (Con), David Temple (SNP). Bottom row left to right: Russel Imrie (Lab), Kelly Parry (SNP), Andrew Coventry (Indp) and Helen Blackburn (Green)

Midlothian Council elections: Midlothian West


Newbattle Abbey College.

Election hustings at Newbattle

Newbattle Abbey College hosts a local election Question Time featuring all five main parties next Wednesday (April 26).

Candidates for the Bonnyrigg ward. Top left to right: Ian Baxter (Green), Louie Milliken (Lab), George McIntyre (Indp). Bottom left to right: Janet Lay-Douglas (Con), Colin Lawrie (SNP), Derek Milligan (Lab), Diane Alexander (SNP)

Midlothian Council elections 2017: Bonnyrigg ward

All seven candidates for the Bonnyrigg ward are wanting your vote in the May 4 Midlothian Council elections, read what they have to say before you make your mind up.

Dalkeith candidates: Top left to right: Stephen Curran (Lab), Robin Traquair (Con), Jim Bryant (Indp), Gary Young (SNP). Bottom left to right: Margot Russell (Lab), Jill Simon (Green), Colin Cassidy (SNP).

Midlothian Council elections 2017 - Dalkeith ward

Meet the Dalkeith candidates for the forthcoming Midlothian Council elections before making your vote on May 4.

Politics 1
Penicuik candidates, top left to right: Debbie McCall (SNP), Adam Montgomery (Lab), Joe Wallace (SNP), Bottom left to right: Andrew Hardie (Con), Ken Brown (Lib Dem), Jim Garry (Green).

Midlothian Council elections 2017 - Penicuik ward

Read why the Midlothian Council election candidates for the Penicuik ward believe you should vote for them on May 4.

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